Finger on the Pulse: GlobalRoam’s Singapore and Chengdu teams celebrate milestones

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At GlobalRoam, we believe in great results – but we also care about our people. Helping employees keep their minds and bodies active is just one of the many ways in which we look out for the GlobalRoam family.

Why team-building events are important for us:

It facilitates the communication.

The Singapore and Chengdu teams followed a series of activities designed to encourage company-wide communication and cohesion by working toward shared goals.

The teams in both countries are small – each is about 30 strong – but are highly dedicated and diverse, hailing from a wide range of cultures, ages, backgrounds and experiences.
After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests.




It encourages collaboration and teamwork and develops problem-solving skills.  

In Singapore, the team headed to SCAPE and split into three groups for a line-up of games: an ‘Amazing Race’-style competition followed by themed puzzle-solving in three of SCAPE’s Escape Rooms.

Meanwhile, the Chengdu team set off on an obstacle course in Xindu, the hinterlands of West Sichuan. Participants overcame their fear of heights to complete the ‘flying fox’ zipline and ascend a barrier dubbed the ‘Great Wall’, while coordinating manoeuvres with colleagues for a synchronised drum performance.




It’s a celebration and helps us to keep that positive energy going at the office.

These events are more than fun and games. It’s a chance to reward the teams for their efforts and hard work as the launch of our app draws closer. The pressure to constantly innovate, especially in an environment as fast-paced and relentless as the tech industry, can swamp even the best and brightest performers. As much as we work hard, we must remember to play hard as well.

Keep your eyes on this space for our next Pulse event. We are already planning the next one!

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