About GlobalRoam

GlobalRoam (GR) is a technology company incorporated in Singapore that has been active in the telecommunication sector since 2001. We develop communication and authentication microservices that allow hybrid connections via both traditional telco infrastructures (PSTN) and digital networks (VoIP). Our vision is to be a global leader in connecting people and businesses across diverse media.
Our products are built on a solid foundation of ground-breaking technology protected by a set of patents.

We envision the future of communications.

Business Overview

The company is articulated around three business lines:

  1. Over-The -Top (OTT) Applications
    Two own branded mobile apps, Pfingo and Toku, provide communication services to respectively the underbanked foreign workers and the business travelers in our home market.
  2. Communication as a Service (CaaS)
    Our patented technology is offered to businesses via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and to developers via a Software Development Kit (SDK).
  3. Wholesale
    As a licensed Singaporean Service-Based Operator (SBO) we offer worldwide digital (SIP) and traditional (PSTN) termination services coupled to virtual numbers (Level 3) and mobile numbers (Level 8/9 - "Long codes").


Board of Directors